HRI’s Environmental Department works in conjunction with the management and operational staff of each of our regions to ensure compliance with environmental standards, regulations, and company policies. We train our employees to implement the most effective management practices and preventive measures to keep our environment healthy, safe, and free from pollution.
Over the past several decades, HRI, Inc., along with the rest of the asphalt industry, has continually upgraded and improved our plants to take advantage of the best available emission control technologies. As a result of these efforts, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has declared that hot mix asphalt plants are not a major source of hazardous air pollutants.
Asphalt Recycling

Over 70 million tons of asphalt are recycled each year in the United States, more than the combined total of glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling. The use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in the production of new asphalt products benefits the environment through the conservation of natural resources and reductions in the amount of materials destined for landfills. It can also benefit plant operating budgets by reducing the quantity and cost of raw materials, so it’s a win-win situation for both the environment and for asphalt customers.

HRI, Inc. is committed to using RAP in mix designs at our asphalt plants. During the past few years, we have modified our plants to allow for the use of RAP, and we actively seek out new sources of the material. Every ton of RAP that we can use in our specialized mix designs is a ton saved from waste piles or landfills.

Awards & Recognition

HRI is proud to have all of our asphalt plants and emulsion plants receive NAPA’s Diamond Achievement Commendation for Excellence in Hot Mix Asphalt Plant/Site Operations. This award is given to facilities that exemplify the spirit of quality and excellence in appearance, permitting and regulatory compliance, environmental practices, operations, safety, and community relations. The Williamsport Hot Mix Asphalt Plant has also been awarded NAPA’s Diamond Quality Commendation. This new award focuses on plant practices that result in excellent product quality. HRI is steadfastly working toward our goal of all plants receiving this award.

Environmental Charter

It is the mission of HRI, Inc. and its subsidiaries to operate their facilities in an environmentally responsible manner.

The company is committed to environmental excellence. HRI’s mission is for its locations to conduct their businesses with a synergetic attitude toward responsible environmental interests rather than in conflict with them.

The company recognizes that environmental matters are of the utmost importance and that environmental protection and community relations are two of the foremost responsibilities of first line supervision.

The Regional and Corporate management teams fully support the locations as they diligently endeavor to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The company is committed to having safe, attractive locations that are an asset to their local communities.

Stop worrying about the details and start looking forward to your community’s long-term improvement.