Blacklick Creek Treatment Facility Project (2023)

HRI, Inc. – Utilities

HRI, Inc is making progress on their Blacklick Creek Treatment Facility Acid Mine Reclamation project, located in Vintondale, PA. Crews have completed two, large concrete structures – two 90-foot diameter secondary clarifiers – each designed to hold five-hundred thousand gallons of raw mine water. They’ve begun the foundation work and under slab piping for the plant’s new control building, which will house the SCADA control system, a laboratory, process pumps, and a dry polymer system.

When completed, this plant will process over seven million gallons per day of raw mine water. The mine water will be extracted from four different well sites and pumped to the plant, then processed through the various stages of treatment, and released back into Blacklick Creek. The residual sludge will then be pumped offsite and back underground at two injection well sites. The plant will be responsible for the reclamation of 25 miles of Blacklick Creek, that has been adversely affected by years of pollution. This is the third Acid Mine Drainage project that HRI has been awarded by the PA Department of Environment Protection’s Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation.